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Server Monitoring

Our server reporting software will alert us to any critical event so that we can, wherever possible, limit the severity of the issue and any system downtime in advance of a major fault occurring. We monitor your server for

  • Low Disk Space.
  • High CPU Usage.
  • Router / Internet disconnects.
  • Updates.
  • Virus Alerts.

Server Updates

Each month, we review the list of updates available for your server and based on risk and severity of the update, we apply those updates to your server out of hours at no additional cost. 

24/7 Helpdesk

Our web based helpdesk system allows every end user to submit support requests directly to our technical team. All tickets are prioritised and organised into your own queue by severity and business impact. As well as our ticketing system, you have access to our technical team by telephone during office hours.

Local IT Admin

As part of your IT Support Contract, we will train a key member of staff to take on the role as a local IT administrator. 

  • Ability to reset staff user passwords.
  • Ability to deny a user access to the company network and files.
  • Ability to restart the server.
  • Authorised to install and uninstall software on any machine.
  • Ability to view central antivirus console.
  • Ability to add a user to a security group.

Network Security Policy

As well as providing ongoing server maintenance, our proactive approach to network security will put in place, local security policy to disallow your end users;

  • Installing and uninstalling software.
  • Changing important settings.
  • Deleting or altering printers.

Pricing Structure

Each client has a different set of requirements but as a general rule of thumb;

£15 +VAT per workstation, £90 +VAT per Server (per month)

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