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Benefits of Virtualisation

  1. Lower Power Usage compared to running multiple physical servers.
  2. Ability to share unused resources with other virtual servers.
  3. Lower cost of ownership compared with purchasing multiple servers.
  4. Central management system to control all server instances.
  5. Easier deployment.

Virtualisation is the process of combining multiple Physical servers onto a single server. Virtualisation eases energy bills and improves management and deployment. 


Small businesses usually require more than one server if they intend to run multiple services such as a file server, web server, voice over IP server or Microsoft Exchange Server for example. "Virtualization" (US term) or "Virtualisation" if you're in the UK, would allow all services to run on one high spec server with it's processor, memory and other resources shared amongst all services. You can run Linux and Windows servers at the same time on the same box. 



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